Elevate Your Lifestyle with Breathtaking Mountain Views in Flagstaff’s Premier Housing Development within Flagstaff Ranch Golf Community.

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“In the embrace of the mountains, I find solace, connection, and untamed freedom.”

Aspen Ridge Estates

Aspen Ridge Estates is nestled in the picturesque city of Flagstaff, Arizona, offering a truly idyllic location for residents seeking natural beauty and a serene lifestyle. Situated amidst the stunning landscapes of the Coconino National Forest, this exclusive community boasts an enviable setting surrounded by towering Ponderosa pines and breathtaking mountain views. Located just a short distance from downtown Flagstaff, residents of Aspen Ridge Estates enjoy the perfect balance between a tranquil retreat and convenient access to city amenities. With its blend of scenic wonders and modern conveniences, Aspen Ridge Estates in Flagstaff captures the essence of mountain living at its finest.

“Outdoor recreation is where adventure and freedom intertwine, allowing us to explore, discover, and embrace the beauty of the natural world.”


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Nestled within the Flagstaff Ranch Golf Community, Aspen Ridge Estates offers an exceptional living experience with an array of top-notch amenities. Residents can indulge in the pleasures of a magnificent 18-hole golf course, a fully-equipped clubhouse complete with a gym, pool, and sport courts, and an exquisite dining experience at the clubhouse. With such impressive amenities, Aspen Ridge Estates in Flagstaff Ranch Golf Community provides residents with a luxurious and fulfilling lifestyle.

“Flagstaff, Arizona: Where natural wonders meet vibrant community, creating a tapestry of adventure, culture, and unforgettable moments.”

LOACTED IN Flagstaff

two person riding white golf cart

Flagstaff is a city with a rich cultural heritage, a vibrant dining scene, and a lively nightlife. From Native American art and history to world-class restaurants and bars, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Flagstaff.

Flagstaff is home to a number of museums, including the Museum of Northern Arizona, the Lowell Observatory, and the Flagstaff Cultural Center. The city also hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year, such as the Flagstaff Film Festival and the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra’s Summer Concert Series.

Flagstaff also has a thriving dining scene, with a variety of restaurants to choose from, including everything from casual eateries to fine dining establishments. The city is also home to a number of microbreweries and wineries.
When it gets dark,  Flagstaff has a lively nightlife scene, with a variety of bars and clubs to choose from. The city is also home to a number of live music venues, making it a great place to catch a show.
If you’re looking for a city with a rich cultural heritage, a vibrant dining scene, and a lively nightlife, Flagstaff is the perfect place for you.

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